Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meet Miranda

Miranda was a custom commission created for Liv. I enjoyed making this girl with her darker skin tones and fabulous hair.

Until next time... Naomi x

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meet Siobhan

This is Siobhan. Siobhan as her name suggests is an Irish inspired beauty. She has amazing red hair, pale skin that is pink flushed from the cold northern Atlantic sea air. She is feisty with a good sense of humour. Born in the month of March, Spring time in Ireland and just in time for St Patricks Day.

She has lovely green eyes and eye make up, with gold glitter which represents the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Her green crystal bead pull strings feature a butterfly which signifies the Irish spring. Siobhan is still looking for a place to call home.

Until next time... Naomi x

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet Arabella

A couple of years ago I purchased a Lorshek Molseh for myself. I pretty much immediately stole her scalp for another doll. This meant she wore several different scalps whilst I tried to find her the right look. I really never had the time or inclination to bite the bullet. Then my good friend Mel sent me a beautiful pale pink kid mohair scalp which gave me the final push. The result is a soft and dreamy girl made just for me.

Until next time... Naomi x

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rylee the first girl of 2016

Meet Rylee! Originally an Aubrey Encore that is a custom commission for the lovely Kylie. Kylie and Rylee are very happy together and get up to all sorts of fun things including picnics. Rylee has a new little brother who is an adorable Nappy Choo named Nate Mackensie. Rylee is super spoiled and loved!

Rylee can be seen on all her adventures here I just love keeping up with my Abella Blythe girls. It makes me truly happy to see them out in the world being loved.

Until next time... Naomi x

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Meet Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean(so named by her owner ) was a commission doll. She had been previously customised but required a refresh so I was told I had free rein to create something new from the old. Her new look was to be a birthday surprise. Her hair was already re-rooted but was rather flat. I set out to give her hair and face a new and improved birthday party inspired look.


I mean look at this festive hair!

Her mummy told me she is thrilled with her new look and she loves her. It's always a bit nerve wrecking trying to create something to someone else's taste but I am always on board to give it a go. It makes me super happy when a client is happy.

Until next time... Naomi x

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Abella Blythe girls of 2015

Here is a picture pile of all the girls I have made in 2015, well minus one who you will see soon.

It's been a great year and I hope to continue making lovely girls into 2016.

Until next time... Naomi x

Monday, November 23, 2015

Almost coming to the end of 2015.

I know it's only November  but the end of 2015 is nigh and it's on my mind. I've been thinking about all the girls I've created this year, it's been a big one but I'm wondering if I can squeeze in just one more before Christmas, maybe a doll for myself. I have several dolls laying around, waiting for me to customise them but they just never seem to get done, it's that old adage about how the tradie fixes everyone else's house but never his own. Yep that's me. I even have a couple of great mohair/alpaca scalps waiting but no dolly for me!

I'm very pleased with my latest girl who I've just completed.  I simply adore her but as she's a birthday present and their birthday present is a surprise so I can't share her with you yet. Soon enough though. I'm also working on doing two other dolls, very simple dolls for two little girls in my life. Not a full face up because they won't stand the rigours of child's play but I will change a couple of eye chips and add some cute pulls. Both girls have their eye on a Blythe and have been showing me dolls they love. One loves travelling dolls and the other wants a tree theme doll. So I'm hard at work trying to source tid-bits for their girls that won't break the bank and can be played with. I think they will be very pleased.

Ok well I better get to it!

Until next time... Naomi x

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My 2015 Christmas doll

This year I decided to do a Christmas doll again. She has beautiful auburn red hair, freckles, red lips and nails. One set of eyes is as green as the Christmas trees we decorate at this time of year and her lids and lashes are adorned with sparkly Christmas coloured glitter, not too much though as it isn't Christmas every day of the year. Her Christmas dress this year is a sweet red number and she finished it off with pearl earrings. She has the cutest little reindeer featured on her ring pulls and a Christmas bell. I think she is so sweet and travels with her very own gold reindeer friend. Meet Eve.


Until next time... Naomi x

Monday, November 16, 2015

Little Red

I had the pleasure of creating this girl in collaboration with my dear friend Mel aka dragonmel77. She has been created as the 2016 BF traveller doll, who will soon begin her travels. Her base doll is Prima dolly Amaryllis. I completed her face up and overall customisation, Mel did her beautiful black alpaca re-root, while another friend Deb of Hey Dolly Boo created her costume.

I hope you like her.

Eye lid work

Her full costume

Her hair is stunning, soft and blue-black

Until next time... Naomi x

Monday, October 26, 2015


This gorgeous Saffy is now complete and ready to travel home to her mum in Helsinki Finland. Another commission for the lovely Emmi. Old style Hollywood glamour was part of the brief as was 1920's and brown eye make up, so we went with a Gatsby inspired girl.

Until next time... Naomi x

Friday, September 18, 2015

Audrey Mae - EBL Hollywood

Custom number 30 an EBL Hollywood was sent to me for commission. The brief was to keep her simple Hollywood beauty alive. Blue and turquoise is perfect her warm skin tones.  She is so sweet and adorable.

Until next time... Naomi x

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Not my normal style here but since I was feeling adventurous I went ahead and tried out a Galaxy girl. I was so happy I did. She has been sent home to her new mummy in the USA.

Until next time... Naomi x

Monday, August 10, 2015


Little Birdie is a wee girl so named after the small and delicate looking birds that she loves to watch. Fairy wrens and robins. Her pull charms feature a bead that looks like a  speckled egg and a pendant featuring a birdie. With super long golden hair and sweet heart nose freckles she is sure to soften your heart.


Latest girl a commission. Scalp made by my friend Mel. I just love this doll she is my favourite to date.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Another commission girl complete number 25. Her mums internet handle is Indi so I called her Indiana. Her mum loved the eye chips as is so they remained untouched. I gave her hair a treatment and some luscious waves. She's gorgeous and her hair is shiny and amazing!

Until next time... Naomi x

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Miss Hollywood all done! Custom number 24.

Until next time... Naomi x